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The last date for examination fee payment is 07th July 2020.

Certificate costs and Minimum Administrative Charges only will be collected for April / May 2020 Examinations. Examination Fee for individual papers will not be collected.

The Certificate costs (Examination Application, Grade Sheets etc.) and Minimum Administrative Charges of Rs.500/- per student irrespective of the number of papers (both regular and arrear papers inclusive) will be collected from the students appearing for the April / May 2020 Examinations.

The final year students (8th semester B.Tech., 4th Semester M.Tech., 6th Semester M.C.A. and 4th Semester M.Sc.) should pay an additional fee of Rs.1650/- towards Provisional Certificate, Degree Certificate and Consolidated Grade Sheet.

If the actual Examination Fee is less than Rs.500/- (Like students who are not in the Nominal Roll and appear for only one paper), the actual fee which is less will be collected as Certificate Costs and Minimum Administrative Charges.

For those students who have paid the fee already, the excess amount paid will be refunded.

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